"Circuit-Breaker Levels for First Quarter 2008"

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  1. Just a reminder:


    In the event of a 1350-POINT decline in the DJIA (10 percent):

    Before 2 p.m.1 - HOUR HALT
    2-2:30 p.m.30 - MIN. HALT
    After 2:30 p.m. - NO HALT

    In the event of a 2700-POINT decline in the DJIA (20 percent):

    Before 1 p.m. - 2-HOUR HALT
    1-2 p.m. - 1-HOUR HALT
    After 2 p.m. - MARKET CLOSES

    In the event of a 4000-POINT decline in the DJIA (30 percent), regardless of the time, MARKET CLOSES for the day.
  2. Y post? The DOW will never be down 1350. That's impossible.
  3. "Never?"

    From your mouth to God's ear.
  4. I guess they should have asked your opinion first. They must have planned all this shit for nothing.

  5. If the market is down 1350, I'll buy you a drink.

    (my money is virtually secured!)
  6. There will be too many buyers if the market collapsed that low, plus fed would step in and save the day. circuit-breakers starting at 1350 have no pratical use. Why not start at 500, which is more likley.
  7. LlewS


    The ESH8, (S&P emini contract) has a +-70 point circuit breaker during electronic trading hours, i.e. before 8:30 CT. It came within 1 point of that lower limit with a low of 1356.25 today. It may well run back down to that before the night is over. Anybody, know how to trade this situation?



  8. That's a more realistic spot for a circuit breaker.
  9. Why you want to trade such a situation, really beats me. :)
  10. How close to the breakers were we in early march when china had a 2 day crash? I think it was around march 4th?

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