Circle inside a circle, what your school books don't teach.

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    Inside every country is visible government that you can see, such as President, Congress, Senate etc etc
    Inside every country is also invisible government that you can't see. In USA that's CIA/NSA/DOD etc
    For Israel that's Mossad and other branches.
    For Russia that's SVR - FSB same thing.
    For China that's their intelligence network.

    They are the invisible (shadow government). They do the dirty work, like assassinations, sabotage, spying etc.

    The invisible government does not really ask for permission, in theory they do have oversight but in realty they don't.
    Requirement for shadow government employment is absence of moral conscience.

    The rationalizing is that you have to play dirty because everyone else is also playing dirty. Second rationalization is that ultimately you are doing good for greater good.

    Rationalizing includes thinking that all the outcomes are predetermined in advance. Plans CAN NOT BACKFIRE because we are smart enough to know in advance.

    The illusion of Shadow Government is belief that nothing can backfire because they "know what they are doing"
    Stay tuned for you next lesson on how world really works.
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    After you got some TV and entertainment you got the energy for lesson 2.

    Did you ever in your life overdo something. Perhaps you over watered your wife's plants. Or maybe your own plants :) I don't judge.

    Have you ever prepared barbecue for people and bought twice as much of meat and beer than was needed.

    So lets say you are US shadow government and you want to sour the relations between Ukraine and Russia. You think that by trying harder you'll get your results. Turns out too much money and too big of support drives Ukrainians straight into Russian arms.

    Darn !

    Lets say you are Russian shadow government and you want to spread propaganda. You create a TV station and you hire English speaking news puppets and you try so hard to send your message across that is becomes completely obvious what you are doing.

    stay tuned for lesson 3
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    What exactly is your point besides coming across as a moron because you registered only to make these rambling posts without any articles or sources to back them up?

    At least when I ramble I have the decency to provide some facts :)
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    If you are not interested in reading this thread. Don't read it.

    Thank you
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    Lesson 3

    Ever heard of that saying "my job is never done".

    Shadow government of a country can never complete their job. In fact there is always more and more to do.

    New dangers from other governments. New ideas to test, things to try. New ways to sabotage. New contingency plans. More contingency plans for new contingency plans.

    And all of this costs money. As a shadow government you are not in business of making money. You need money from your people.

    The only problem is. There is never enough. 50 million become 500 million.

    1 billion becomes 50 billion. And it keeps snowballing for decades.

    Stay tuned for lesson 4
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    Lesson 4

    I personally told a small lie or two in my life, have you ?

    Lets say you killed someone by mistake but the darn darn court is gonna put you away anyway even though you didn't mean it. So you kill couple witnesses too because in your mind the system is not fair.

    The shadow government is exactly in that situation. They have to keep adding more and more lies to cover up the original lies. And in that cursed process they commit bigger and bigger crimes.

    And so they reach a point of no return. No longer is there pretense that they are the good guy. They start to realize they are bad. But the game must go on. And the new recruits have the luxury of thinking its all for the greater good.

    Turns out USA and Russia and France experimented sometimes fatally on their own soldiers and civilians. Drugs / Radiation etc And these are that we know of. Others are still hidden.

    Stay tuned for lesson 5
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    This could turn into a never ending tv show....
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    Lesson 5

    You know how you start some project trying to build something and it turns out more complicated. Or you hear on the news Project overruns. Something estimated turns out costs a lot more etc.

    If you are Shadow Government you are the definition of complexity. You started small and vital. And now you are so large with so many tentacles into everything that one side might not know what other side is doing.

    For example Rumsfeld admitted in front of TV cameras that few trillion are missing. Even if he exaggerated, this shows that size makes it impossible to keep it all together.

    But it gets worse. Oh yes. It gets a whole lot worse. You as a Shadow Government completely stop briefing your president on certain topics. Even if the president asks, you stonewall him with something else.

    After all presidents come and go. What do they know. Darn politicians :cool:
    What they don't know can't hurt them.


    Lesson 6 coming
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    this is what it is all about.

    "I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest." winston churchill

    substitute any word u want for russia. substitute any word for national
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