Cindy McCain having an affair !! National Enquirer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. lassic


    lol, convenient the picture is grainy

    no expert on cameras,but i imaging the old cardboard box, throw away cameras took better pictures than this...

  2. I used to give them 0 credibility, till they unmasked John, if that's true, devastating
  3. Is that Julio Iglesias?
  4. It is low to kick a man while he is down. I had zero agreement with McCain on policy but now that he lost he should be left alone. That is called class but National Enquirer does not have it.
  5. Hahahahahahahahahhaha!
  6. I respect him, but if my wife is fucking behind my back, I sure would like to know.
  7. You forgot to mention Oktiri has zero class as well but i guess that is common sense by now.
  8. Come on, someone's wife fucking behind their back is certain to bring shame to her husband. Does John McCain need to be embarassed now? NO. Leave him alone.
  9. don't shoot the messenger.
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