Cindy McCain Favorite Sport: Drift Racing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. McCain really needs to get her on TV more. How cool is this?

    I said before that I think a lot of voters will be nervous about the idea of Michelle Obama as First Lady. Get Cindy out to some NASCAR races and let America get to know her. Certainly she is far more appealing than her husband.
  2. Yes, I agree.
    Cindy also is a pilot. John can't fly anymore so she flys him around.

    Cindy does comes across as a very normal person simular to Laura Bush.

    To bad the Mccains belong to 2 groups that for some reason can still be made fun of....age and the wealthy

    Sterotypical jokes about age and wealth are all over TV , of course sterotypical jokes about blacks are "illegal"
  3. She always looks stiff in shots when McCain is around, but she was just great in that racetrack interview. Who even knew she was a racing fan?

    I don't think she should be going out and making controversial statements like Obama's wife does, but Cindy is a huge asset they are underutilizing.

    I think they may be worried about putting her front and center that it could emphasize her as the homewrecker who lured McCain away from his first wife, but that is going to come out in the last week of the campaign anyway. They need to get America to like her before then.

    If I'm running the campaign, I have Cindy at a NASCAR race driving a drift car. Fans would go nuts. Suddenly Obama doesn't have a monopoly on the excitement factor. McCain doesn't seem so old anymore. It probably won't happen though. I think McCain is the kind of guy who doesn't like sharing the spotlight.