Cigna = Bs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daniel_m, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. what an absolute freakin joke.
  2. A few guys in our office were long..........and a few were short when halt came out. But overall I agree what the hell was that?

  3. m22au


    What's the joke? ... they guided 2003 below consensus
  4. it's the halt in the middle of the day that hurt a few guys short.

    No reason for that.
  5. m22au


    Halts happen.

    And besides, the stock only gapped up $1, and then retraced the gap before going up more.
  6. it's part of the game. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario. There wasn't really a reason for it though as news was already out.

  7. m22au


    I agree with that Robert. But I doubt anyone who was long the stock is complaining about the halt.

    In fact, traders that bought it before the halt could have held the idea that things could not get much worse (maybe a debt downgrade). I stayed clear of the stock all day.