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  1. Lucrum


    I searched but couldn't find any existing threads.

    I've only smoked one cigar in my life and that was decades ago.

    For whatever reason, I've been thinking about trying cigars for some time and finally just ordered a sample pack online.
    I also watched some videos on cutting and lighting.

    Any cigar aficionados here?

    Off topic but after refusing to even try it in the past I just recently started drinking some coffee. I don't love it or have to have it everyday. But I am trying it.
  2. Mav88


    love cigars

    for commercial I have a cheap cigar that is pretty good, punch rare corojo

    unfortunately for some reason the more expensive sticks are highly variable. I think they sit around longer in some shops. I have tried so many over the years I am not sure which I like the best.

    this is not a bad place to get a good hand rolled shipped your way for low cost

    the best cigar though is the one you like, you can only find out by experiment.
  3. Lucrum


    I've smoked maybe half a dozen different supposedly quality cigars now.
    1) I honestly can't tell one from the other
    2) I can't say as I'm getting any particular pleasure or enjoyment from it
    4) afterward I hate how I smell like burnt leaves

    I am going to finish the rest of my samples. But at this point I'm not seeing myself becoming a regular cigar smoker.