Cigars Anyone?

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    Anyone here enjoy a good cigar while trading?

    Can you suggest a nice smooth Cigar for someone who enjoys only 4 or 5 Cigars a year. I've had a craving for one and since I don't smoke often I'd like to make it worth while.
  2. Without a budget in mind - and being conservative @ < $7.00 ea. :
    (note to yo'self- spending $10.00 for a stick usually doesn't net any much better a smoke - in my experience.)

    Romeo Julieta ANNIVERSARIO Torpedo (Torpedo= tapered end)
    I find the Torpedo is easier to cut and for me just a preferred shape.

    Hoyo DE Monterrey EXCALIBUR would also be a fair choice- but use a 'bullet' type punch not the cutter.

    I don't profess to be an expert in the stogie field - just sharing my current opinion - which could prove to your liking. If not -well gee, you only spent the same as a top shelf mixed drink -or popcorn and a coke at the theater. :p

    What is important ess1096 is what you are paring it with IMO. But since you said while trading - I guess a vino 'drink' is not a wise "option".:D
  3. sulli


    I have one about 3-4 times a year.

    I typically buy a monte cristo. They usually range from $6 to $9.
  4. Talk to el cubano. Man knows his stogies.

    If you only smoke 'em a few times a year, you probably want something nice and mild. Look for a Dominican Republic filler, probably a connecticut shade grown wrapper. Any good cigar store can hook you up.

    Personally, I like a La Gloria Cubano. Real stout smoke.

    I'd say stay away from those "genuine" Cubans your buddy or the guy at the bar is selling. Virtually all of them are fakes. Plus, the real deal will be way too strong for anyone but an experienced cigar man.
  5. I actually find La Gloria Cubana stronger than a Cuban. You'll get a good buzz right away. Cuban cigar is very overrated IMO.

    For a smooth and mild cigar, you can't go wrong with any from Arturo Fuente. Their Hemingway line is even better.
  6. I haven't smoked a cigar for 6-7 years, but back in the day I did smoke a lot. A few of my favorites:

    Montecristo No 2.
    Dunhill Valverdes
    Ashton Churchill
    Davidoff (can't remember what kind, but they all tended to be mild and creamy)

    All of these are Dominican, but if you can get your hands on a Cuban Montecristo No 2, it is well worth it. Only had one before, but by far the best smoke I've had.
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    Nice suggestions.
    Someone mentioned Romeo & Julieta, I think I tried one before. Does it have a "sweet" flavor to it? I liked it and forgot about that one.
  8. R&J is strong cigar. Probably a step below La Gloria Cubana if you are looking for the buzz.
  9. Will enjoy a cigar on a good day of profit taking. Montecrestos are very nice.
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