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Discussion in 'Politics' started by downrivertrader, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Any cigar smokers here at ET?

    I just bought a few Opus X sticks and locked them in the humidor. I set an aggressive goal for myself. If I hit it, I get to smoke one! :p

    Thanks to Monsieur Trichet and his loose lips, I will have to wait. He is obviously not a cigar Connoisseur or he would not answer reporter's questions like a 3 year old.

  2. Personally, I would sample at least one to further enhance the motivation to indulge into the second one.

    I deduce too that you have utmost faith in your humidor 's ability to maintain proper storage- if storing a few sticks of the Opus X . That is good.

    You apparently have never had a bundle of stogies with tobacco weevils. My first Drew Estate box had the critters. I learned from purchasing gold fish food that you can put entire mess in the freezer for 1 hour or so - if you ever do see the 1/16 diameter hole(s).

    Humidity will drop drastically but you will stop the leetle bastards and enhance the puffability of the salvaged stogie :D Actually, you will never notice em when smoking them. Humidity will rebound to normal in an hour or two.

    Frankly, like red wines, spending more didn't provide (me) a guarantee a proportionately better experience. That is all I have to say about extravagantly priced "consumables".

    A word of caution? Never purchase tobacco from a known shop on your credit card - that is if you claim non-smoker on your life insurance policy. One day - these records may be subpoenaed prior to payout to your spouse? Paranoia I know, but it would be criminal if my intermittent indulgence was more of a real "habit" in my case. I usually only smoke on the weekend - and then not EVERY weekend. and no I do not inhale - firsthand smoke.


  3. drew estate!? nice ! i enjoy kuba kuba, cold tea infusion, juicy lucy, and root--on occassion. never had any weevil issues, however



    :) :):D

  4. opus X---- one strong cigar!

  5. Infusion done well IMO:
    Juicy Lucy, White Rabbit and Dirt!!
  6. *raises hand*

    Cigar smoker here - good to hear that you are setting goals for yourself and sparking one up if you meet them. Good way to celebrate :)


  7. cool. i thought i was the only one who smoked these things.

    nice to meet you,

  8. Actually I smoke these infused type with beers. Something about infused stogies clash with wine- in my pallate at least.

    Others - Cohiba, Romeo Juleta, Fuente, ect., go best with red wine and a good magazine.