CIA Warned of Attacks

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  1. As early as 1995, the CIA warned that Islamic extremists were likely to attack U.S. aviation, Washington landmarks or Wall Street and by 1997 had identified Osama bin Laden as an emerging threat on U.S. soil, a senior intelligence offical said on Thursday.

    Too bad we allowed the Airlines to be in charge of their own security and basically offering contracts to the lowest bidder. Big mistake. - - - And then once 911 occured, they then turned around with their hands out to the Government seeking $24 billion dollars ( later reduced to $15 billion ) in loans to stay afloat.
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    Hey, look who's back. Long time no see.
  3. Did some "punk" just say something?

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    Hey Waggie, we are all waiting to hear about your wife. All you need to do is post one statement about it and it's behind us. If you don't say anything, then it looks like you are dishonest. And it would be pointless for you to keep posting on ET. Now I have PMed you as well as asked you on here. One way or another, it would be nice of you to answer this question. What are you afraid of if you have nothing to hide? So what do you say kid, let's get this over with.

  5. I see a disturbing pattern here.

    Waggie wants to know about this country being attacked.

    And Mav wants to know about Waggies wife. :confused:

    Whats up Mav?
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    Attacted? You know ET has a spellcheck right? Anyway, I don't care what Waggie wants to know. I want to know if Waggie is an honest person. Waggie has relentlessly attacked many people on this forum, James Stock being one of his personal favorites, and his attacks were on their honesty. Now Waggie's honesty is in question. All he has to do is say that he is married or was married. However, I am hearing from a few people on ET that know Waggie well that the man is not and has never been married in his life. Yet he had a best man at his wedding and he eluded to his wife being killed on 9/11. So if Waggie can just answer this question, we can put this all behind us and he can worry all he wants about this country being attacked.
  7. "Attacted? You know ET has a spellcheck right? "

    Are you blind? or stupid?

    Who the hell cares if Clinton gets a BJ, oops, I mean if Waggie is married or not, or ever has been? Whats wrong with you, that you want to take notes on this sort of thing?

    "I want to know if Waggie is an honest person".

    Mav, its a much more important to know if Bush is an honest person, don'tcha think?
  8. You seem to forget that Maverick is "entitled" to be as full of himself as he can be, because he has a ton of free time on his hands, and ET is the only place in his life where he can hang out and feel important promoting failed policies of an Administration that can never admit to making a mistake.

    He and the current administration have a lot in common.
    They are so full of themselves and arrogant that they are never aware of when they are flat-out wrong.

    Like two peas in a pod.
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    Waggie, I PMed you, let's see if you are man enough to respond in private. I highly doubt it though, I'm not holding my breath.
  10. What part of IGNORE do you not understand???

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