CIA Tenet Resigns

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  1. He was fired.
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    'Bout time.

  3. With any luck, its only the tip of the ice berg.

    More to follow?
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    Yes.....But, it may not happen till November!
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    No, it has to do with Bush's failing regime and not found WMD.
  6. I have never understood Bush's loyalty to this clinton appointee. The Agency has been deeply dysfunctional for years, really since Jimmy Carter decimated it. Who would ever trust this bunch of screwups and political hacks to keep their identity secret or protect them from the periodic Congressional bloodletting?

    The CIA, FBI and associated agencies need a through house cleaning and reorg. I'm far from impressed by Bush's appointees at these critical anti-terror posts however. FBI head Mueller is a Bush family flunkie with a long record of bureaucratic ineptitude. Transportation Safety Agency has made a mess of its job. Sees it biggest priority as keeping pilots from having guns. That and preventing profiling.
  7. As I have suggested on previous occasions, Bush has been extremely loyal to George Tenet if for no other reason than Tenet knowing waaaaaay too much about how Bush dropped the ball in regards to the pre-911 warnings on al-Qaida.

    But for some reason, you seem to miss this and as has been quite typical of you, you point out that Tenet was an appointee from the Clinton Administration.
  8. Bush was loyal to Tenet before 9/11. Why was that?
  9. Apparently the Senate Committee looking into the WMD fiasco will soon issue a report that is extremely critical of Tenet and the CIA.

    I recall that even with all the grandstanding by members of the 9/11 Commission, they never established that any actionable intell was ignored. A generic warning that "something" may happen "soon" is hardly grounds for concluding that Bush et al were asleep at the switch.

    I keep pointing out that Tenet was a Clinton appointee because it underscores how unusual Bush's loyalty to Tenet has been.
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