CIA Strikes Back At Reporter's Critical Book

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  1. Rowan Scarborough teamed with Bill Gertz to give the Washington Times the top national security reporting team in the country. He left last year and joined start-up newspaper The Examiner. Now he has published a blockbuster book that details rampant incompetency, breach of security and political meddling by CIA staffers.

    From the amazon description:

    " Book Description
    Using his first-rate sources in all levels of national security-from field officers to high-ranking analysts to former intelligence heads-bestselling author Rowan Scarborough reveals how CIA bureaucrats are undermining President Bush and the War on Terror through disinformation, incompetence, and outright sabotage.

    From the Inside Flap
    How Bush-hating CIA Bureaucrats Are Sabotaging the War on Terror
    Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, intelligence collection has become the number-one weapon in the effort to defeat al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. A plot penetrated is an attack stopped. And to the outside observer, the CIA has performed well as a key partner in the Bush administration's War on Terror. But as Rowan Scarborough reveals in this groundbreaking new book, significant elements within the CIA are undermining both the president and national security through leaks, false allegations, and outright sabotage.

    Using his first-rate sources in all levels of national security--from field officers to high-ranking analysts to former intelligence heads--Scarborough paints a disturbing picture of partisan politics endangering the success of our campaigns abroad and the very lives of our soldiers and agents.

    In Sabotage, you'll learn:

    * How CIA analysts repeatedly leak details about classified intelligence programs with the dual intent of ending them and damaging the president
    * How, on at least eight occasions, intelligence officials have made serious allegations of wrongdoing against the president's men--which turned out to be false
    * Why, contrary to popular belief, the CIA has become predominantly liberal
    * How a CIA turf battle prevented special operators from pursuing and capturing a notorious Taliban leader
    * How current and former CIA officers fueled conspiracy theories that President Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on America
    * How a CIA leak to the New York Times deprived the U.S. of critical information in the War on Terror
    * How press leaks by the CIA have damaged relations with our foreign allies in the War on Terror
    * How a CIA analyst worked with Democrats to sabotage the nomination of John Bolton to the UN
    * How Clinton's downsizing of the CIA led to the closing of stations in scores of jihadist breeding grounds--including Hamburg, Germany, where the 9/11 plot was hatched

    The CIA's job is to collect facts and let the White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department make national security policy. But, as Scarborough conclusively demonstrates, an agency that is supposed to be scrupulously nonpartisan has become increasingly political--during a time of war--against America's elected commander in chief. "

    The CIA has issued an extraordinary press release attacking Scarborough and his book:

    CIA Director of Public Affairs Statement on New Book
    July 20, 2007


    CIA Director of Public Affairs Mark Mansfield issued the following statement today:

    We generally don't comment on books, but we have departed from that on occasion, and have decided to do so in connection with Rowan Scarborough's new book, "Sabotage: America's Enemies Within the CIA."

    CIA employees work very hard to protect their fellow citizens and to help keep America safe. They take great pride -- and take great risks -- in serving our country. They know that the intelligence they collect, analyze and deliver to policymakers, diplomats, law enforcement officers, and military commanders makes a difference, each and every day.

    The premise of Mr. Scarborough's book -- that CIA employees are working to undermine our government -- is both ridiculous and offensive.


    The facts are otherwise, and everyone in Washington knows it. From the Plame fiasco to leaks to the Washington Post about secret CIA prisons, elements within the CIA have mounted an unprecedented campaign against this administration. Liberals would have been outraged if they had tried to undermine a hostile foreign government in this manner. It is a measure of how out of control the Agency is that they attack a writer who is defending the President. Bush's failure to control the CIA and correct its many deficiencies has been a central factor in his failed presidency, one that is all the more ironic since his father was Director of Central Intelligence.