CIA said "We are going to kill your children"

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  1. A certain thread on this forum is making light of terrorism by attacking the investigation into CIA misconducts. Is the CIA above all laws? Killing the innocent for the conducts of the guilty? Is that how the CIA is representing America?

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    No doubt liberals are crying a river that terrorists captured on the field of battle while trying to kill US service men are talked to in a harsh manner. What a horrible, horrible tragedy, according to liberal sensibilities. Of course, killing US servicemen is part of Fighting for Freedom, according to the left. It is something they dream of, but would not have the courage to do so. Why else would they defend these terrorists? These thugs who vow to kill US people until their dying breath, then give up and surrender?

    This anti-torture thing is going to make liberal an even nastier slur than it already is.
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    It's just a bullshit investigation to distract from the ass kicking the Leftist Democrats are getting in the Town Hall meetings and from their own center...... gee, CIA guys are typically multiple tour of duty soldiers and one of them threatened somebody.. what next.... [assuming there is any validity to the story]...

    When the Palestinians send a kid in to Israel with a bomb who is the target? Israeli kids!! Busses after school, pizza places on Friday night, etc... it's the children they want to kill usually because that demoralizes the most... tit for tat mofo's...
  4. How do you know that they are "terrorists captured on a field of battle?"
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    You guys do know that the senior politicians in the Republican party follow the exact same policies as the left right?

    The only difference between them is what they lie about in the presidential elections.
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  7. I have to disagree with you on this subject.

    Harsh talking almost always leads to shouting, which most times leads to swearing..........once an interrogater reaches the plateau of swearing, there is just no telling what will come next.

    The agent may get so worked up that cheap cigar smoke may be blown in the face of the captive.

    This horrendous activity must cease or our enemy may actually come to fear being captured !

    "Change We Can Believe In"

    Edit: Yes We Can !!
  8. CIA said "We are going to kill your children"

    Terrorists said, "We take great pride in claiming responsibility for killing your children."
  9. Now that you've called me out, I'll have to confess that you are absolutely right. It was beastly to threaten that guy. After all, all he did was plan 9/11. That was probably too long ago for you to remember, but it featured people jumping out of a 100 story office building to avoid being burned alive.

    The interrogator was attempting to get him to reveal other plots and told him if we were hit, his children would be targeted. Probably blew some deadly cigar smoke at him as well. Obviously, we are not going to tolerate that sort of behavior. What does it say about our values that we are willing to threaten a terrorist rather than see more of our people slaughtered? Thanks goodness we have a president in office now who can set those priorities straight. It is very clear that Obama and his stooge Eric Holder are perfectly willing to see innocent americans killed, as long as they are not members of their families or important democrat fund raisers, but blowing smoke at a terorrist is off limits.

    I think the obvious solution is to disolve the CIA, put Bush and Cheney in jail along with the interrogators and send our beloved and courageous president out to beg forgiveness, the one thing he seems good at.