CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

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  1. The ONLY thing REAL these days is 15 TRILLION in DEBT!!!!!!!! :eek:
  2. Let's hope...

    That "Osama Bin Laden is dead"... turns out to be yet another fabrication...

    And the WHOLE WORLD comes to see that Odumbo has perpetrated yet another LIE upon the American people...

    Hopefully at some point, the world will wake up and acknowledge... "ODUMBO IS A LYING PIECE OF SHIT"...

    Has there ever before been such controversy regarding the POTUS? Why is it the case NOW??
  3. could be yet another one of his clones.
    speaking of which osama "died" on same day as hitler?
  4. Osama does not have a real video shootage for many years. His dead body will never be found because they claimed they threw to the sea.

    Osama, Hitler, Saddam have no graves. Is it just a coincidence?


    They killed a man that does not exist.
  5. No he has just been dead a very long time. I would say prior to 9/11 he was already dead.
  6. hiptogo


    he probably has many clones?!
    or family to run the "business"
    so regardless, the fight will continue i believe
  7. sjfan


    Leaving bin laden out for a second - are you saying hitler and saddam did not exist?

  8. And that number isnt even real. Its much much bigger!
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