CIA/Mossad behind Mumbai bombing as well. India found out.

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    while working as an American agent Headley connected to Mumbai bombing attended at least five “training courses” conducted by the LeT in Pakistan, including sessions in the use of weapons and grenades, close-combat tactics and counter-surveillance techniques, from February 2002 until December 2003.

    Americans are saying that they will tell the Indians what Headley is saying and there is no need to interrogate him face-to-face. This is diametrically opposite to the US's approach to the Lockerbie trial
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    It's happened many times in the past, the Russians have been the past masters - kill some of your own, blame you enemy and now you have an excuse to wage war which the masses will happily accept......

    Mmmmm, that couldn't have happened on 9/11 could it?
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    You know what's funny to me in all this mess we are doing to each other.

    Government can't keep a secret. Did anyone notice that government leaks like a 500 year old barrel.

    9/11 truth came out due to fall of WTC7

    Truth about US involvement in Mumbai comes out.

    London bombing truth comes out due to Israeli/mossad company Verint.

    Government is unable to keep hidden false flag events.
  5. Strange how you consider this conpiracy theory to be Wall St. News.
  6. Was thinking the same thing. P&R forum NEWMAN!


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    even with information that USA is killing innocent people worldwide

    you would still argue technicality of forums

    ever wonder were your soul is gonna go

    Seriously ever wonder that :cool:
  8. why not just start it in the right place and then I wouldn't have to argue