CIA devalues Russia on purpose so India is ahead in GDP

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    So ridiculous everyone knows russia surpassed India in 2011 all data before said so in imf and so did they. CIA noted russia higher than india at start in 2012 but now they just changed their opinion from nowhere. And its still saying est. 2011 not 2011 in their list.

    this was the original list

    They also removed industrial growth from their page cuz america had only 1 or 2% there all the time while germany had 8% and china 13%. And in demographics they still count russia as it has right now only 139 million people and brazil 200 million even if its completly false, brazil has 193 and russia 143 million people but they still count on their page with this estimated data they made some years ago.

    CIA is so pathetic.
  2. Russia is a very wealthy nation. It is just not calculated properly.
  3. wealthy????

    Russia has the fastest declining population in the world.

    Most unhealthy people
    One of the most HIV+ and alcholic people
    One of the lowest wages in the world

    As a result people don't want to have babies. And also almost everyone is trying to escape to West.

    As a result huge population decline going on. Last time I checked their population is declining 1MM every year.
  4. why would they do that
  5. Faber says the US is humping India's leg to form an aliance VS China.
  6. I don't think I can agree with you on this. I think there is a decline in birth rates across the wealthier countries not the poorer ones because now women can choose when they have children due to birth control they don't have enough chilldren. That would indicate that the standard of living is improving not declining. If they were having children and a population increase then I would think it was a third world country because people wouldn't care for the children.

    In terms of the economy it has grown largely a result of oil prices. However it is resources wealthy. I think Putin is a good leader too. I think he has improved things greatly and that in his new term he will do it again.
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    Soil is wealthy but not the country.Johnson`s right,more so,people are like animals ready to eat each other for the dime.Total corruption,ecology is destroying - 80% diesel automobiles with no polution filters you can open your window only early in the morning.Etc...etc...ETC!!!!!!!!

    I want to escape too from this garbage stinky country.Please advise to where to escape in your stinky USA?I don`t want to wait untill the US suck out rest of the resources and made us its slaves.Though,many mining fields are already under US and Canada companies` control,and russians work for a mere change.So most of them are slaves now.

  8. someone here emotional :)

    russia is rich country no doubt. also have high tech and very smart population.

    and, if you did not know, they are large(st?) market manipulators.
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    Quotes from the CIA document you referenced: "The protection of property rights is still weak and the private sector remains subject to heavy state interference."

    "Russia's long-term challenges include a shrinking workforce, a high level of corruption, difficulty in accessing capital for smaller, non-energy companies, and poor infrastructure in need of large investments."

    I have no opinion that the OP's thesis is correct or not. None. I would say that the number one driver for standing is the universal tenet ( which is now widely accepted by scholars ) that a robust and vigorously enforced social contract for property rights - and a society's ability to transfer those rights to things like securities, real estate, and intellectual property has a direct and pronounced correlation to a society's economic growth and standing in the world. The more sophisticated the definition and diversity of those rights, and the vigor and zeal in which the law enforcement for those rights is - defines international economic success. Pure and simple.
  10. The general reduction in birth rate is different than the one in Russia

    Russia has the fastest declining population in the world for many years.

    There is a reason for that.

    The situation is so bad that in 2015 most Russians serving in Russian Army will be muslims.
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