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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by RG_Trader, Jun 28, 2002.

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    Does anyone else out there use the CHX. To me it seems like the most crooked exchange i have ever been a part of. I trade approximately 125,000 shares per day, almost all NYSE. I just started looking at some of the ECNs about a month ago. Island and Arca seem great but CHX constantly holds my orders. Even on a cancel they will sometimes hold the order for over 15 minutes. Anything over 30 seconds i feel is bad, anything over a minute seems ridiculous. Earlier in the week they held my order for over 3 minutes before filling me $250 outside of the market. I covered my loss on NYSE. Contacted my Clearing Firm, who then contacted the CHX exchange for an explanation. What i received was a bust on the trade after it went $750 the other direction. So the whole thing cost me $1000.00. I don't know how they even have space on these level II order entry screens. They are obvious manipulators. I have heard many similar problems have occurred to others as well. Please add story if you have had any problems with the CHX.
  2. There are traders in my office who have called the clearing firm to have it removed off their screens.

    Useless route to trade with.

  3. do you route chx executions for nasdaq or nyse?
  4. Havent heard about this before....BTW ARCA is crap...