Chucky; are you the real deal or just in cahoots w/brokers & do...

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  1. your salesman 'lackey's deliberately mislead potential investors, eh?
    Hola my fellow pimps!
    Will anyone reply to my query, eh? BTW--I sent this email with no expectations. I work about 15 hours a week and my trading partner and I have more free time than many 8 figure money men that have to commute to the office and do that daily grind 'thing'--thus, my reasons to ask them the good questions, right?

    Oh yes!
    Hi Adrienne,

    Could you respond to this? Please feel free to pass this onto a senior member (not salesman) of Chuck Hughes's website (or Chuck himself). I cannot email his website.

    I am a 27+ year full-time trader always looking to 'diversify' with PROVEN profitable strategies.

    Tell you what. If Chuck Hughes 'silver-platter' membership will autotrade people's accounts (don't tell me he can't) and then

    SHOWS exactly what his roi%/on margin or how he calculates it according to 'industry' roi% on 'suggested margin'; then I would be a bit more interested. The following numbers (from the advertisement at the bottom of this email) are illusory and purely hypothetical if

    a) they can't be replicated in one's own account (see my comments under the dashed lines--more specifically speaking to the issue of 'no-volume' reported fills etc...

    b) Chuck makes money but you as a paid subscriber looking for exact instructions and 'fill-able' orders but frequently one's 'shadow' trades make nowhere NEAR what Chuck's broker statements show.

    Finally, I respect Chuck; he must be making huge coin--just looking for full disclosure and clarity. Again, I am a 27+ year full-time trader and unless you are marketing to strict new'ish' investors; I would be interested (seriously) in his programs--but (read below and the links); I am hesitant when I read such DETAILED documentation.

    Please respond with your side of the conversation.
    Start from the earliest post--early Jan '12 (scroll to bottom of page). Read all the post from oldest to newest.
    Another link.

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