Chuck Norris Trading Facts

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  1. Unless you live under a rock, or do not have a sense of humor, you have heard the many Chuck Norris jokes floating around the web.

    If you haven't seen it - ..

    Here is some I made up that only traders will understand..

    Chuck Norris gets a .0025 rebate when he HITS INET.
    Chuck Norris can see hidden INETs.
    Chuck Norris has no Stop Loss, because he never loses.
    Chuck Norris hever has crossed quotes, they wouldn't dare!


    Feel free to add your own!

  2. When Chuck Norris was a Trainee learning to trade, the Markets adapted to him.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn't predict the price of oil.

    Oil just does whatever the fuck Chuck Norris says!
  4. On the morning of March 17th, 2008, the market was threatening to follow through on the BSC news and make it a black Monday.

    Chuck put his hands on his hips, looked the market in the eye, and said "I don't think so".

    The rest is history.
  5. ssblack


    Epic thread in the making.
  6. if by epic you mean totally homosexual then yes i agree!
  7. Ken Lay did not die of a random heart attack.

    It was caused by a prank phone call advising him that Chuck Norris had taken a loss on a small investment in Enron. All of his organs ceased functioning almost immediately out of fear.

    The story cannot be corroborated because Chuck Norris vaporized the prankster.

    Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, tells a lie about Chuck Norris and lives to tell about it.

    The lie was not that Chuck Norris owned Enron. He did. But he didn't lose money. He made a huge profit on his LONG investment in Enron.

    Nobody has the guts to question how.
  8. When told of "Fear and Greed" and their roles in the market, Chuck Norris had to ask what "fear" meant.

    this is histerical. Greatest thread ever made.
  10. Chuck Norris RECEIVES a commission every time he trades.
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