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Discussion in 'Options' started by dstrader, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. dstrader


    Anybody there using these services?

    I mean, you signed up and is really using his recommendations...

    Would like to hear your opinion. If you would like to discuss privately send me a private email.

  2. jbowen28


    I purchased Chuck Hughes' GPS Advisory Service in 12/09. I then signed up for an autotrade account with I started with the recommended account size of 30K and invested about 1k in each of the recommended trades for "small accounts". There were many recommended spread trades and covered call trades that were made in my account. The account was mostly flat for several months until about May of 2010 when the market hit a rough patch. Some of my positions took some big hits and my account when down to 25K. I pulled the plug on the autotrading and continued to watch the trades that were being recommended without actually investing in them. None of the trades made much if any money. The small account trades lost about 15 - 20% in total and the large account trades were mostly flat. Finally, in August 2010, Chuck Hughes said that GPS Advisory members could exercise their right to a money back guarantee but advised to wait until the end of their paid year subscription. Then in September of 2010, Chuck Hughes gave GPS Advisory members free access to his Inner Circle Service which was doing much better. Since then only a few trades have been recommended. Most notable was a gold spread. My subscription guarantees that if the recommendation do not make 100% after one year, my subscription is extended another year. I am still debating whether to continue or try to get my money back. He has fallen far short of the 100% but I expected to at least cover my subscription fee of $2500. It seems like a monkey throwing darts at option tables could have done better. Who knows, maybe he as baboons doing his trading for him. I read that he bought a nice spread ( as in house ) in Florida from the subscription fees he collected.
  3. dstrader


    Interesting. He seems to show in his promo videos that over 80% of his recommendation in the last couple of years were winners...
    Is he hiding the losing trades? Which means he is flatly lying about his performance on his marketing videos, or were you not strictly following all his recommendations in order to reflect the same performance?

    Thanks for your reply btw.
  4. there must be some mistake. here is what chuck said in the last spam email i got from him:

    "Now we all know that the markets have been very volatile lately but this increased volatility has created some great trading opportunities. My trend following programs have been taking full advantage of this increased volatility and have been on the right side of the trend in global markets. In my 24 years of trading experience there has never been a better time to profit from market trends than now.

    I recommended going short most of the global markets to my advisory service members in August of 2008 and stayed short most markets until mid March of 2009 when we reversed and went long most markets. This produced record profits for my advisory service members."

    chuck wouldnt lie would he?
  5. jbowen28


    Just ask for access to the website that shows his completed trades for each of the past 6 - 12 months. I was given access before I subscribed. In any case, do you believe the marketing people or an actual subscriber?
  6. i think i believe you.
  7. jsp326


    The year is coming to an end...any updates? Have you at least made a profit and covered the subscription costs?

    For the record, the only thing I've considered buying from him are his books in the $50-$100 range. Of all the "gurus," Hughes seems to have more respect and fans than most.

    If his books come with a free short-term subscription to his higher-priced services, I'd like to track them. But I wouldn't shell out a lot of money for "inner circle" or other $1000+ services without seeing years of documented results (not just cherry-picked broker statements).
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