Chuck gets it.........."It’s Getting Very Serious Now"

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  1. the biggest danger to the 2nd amendment is gun owners themselves. if they refuse to police themselves and these horrific gun crimes keep hitting the news the government will be forced to mandate restrictions on gun ownership.
  2. HR 2159 according to the Federal Register has nothing ot do with guns; so what is the bill?

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    The law abiding gun owners or the career criminal gun owners?

    I'd be all to happy to help "police" the gun owners causing all the problems.
    But what needs to be done is naturally against the law.
  4. Michael Barone wrote an article in IBD yesterday about the lack of public support for gun control. Polls show only 29% of American's want uber-strict legislation.

    While there's no shortage of idiot liberals on "Elite" Trader-most people see the disconnect between banning firearms and reducing crimes committed with guns.

    Convincing the public to cede a Constitutional right without presenting clear evidence that there will be a benefit is a tall order.

    The fact is some of the highest murder rates in America are in cities with existing handgun prohibition. Most people are aware of that. So then where's the impetus to extrapolate "less guns equals safer streets"? It's an issue you'll see the Democrat's quickly abandon.

    Bottom line: Guns don't kill. Blacks and Mexicans kill. And white America knows the score......
  5. Cat is out of the bag.........too many arsenals out in every nook and cranny of this country. If they attempt to take them it will light this place up. Stupid liberals.

    What did Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy say? No invasion of the mainland US because there will be a gun behind every blade of grass.

    Disarm? Go to hell.

    I would not want to be the Fed in charge of this.
  6. maybe true that most people dont want all guns banned but most people have no objection to common sense restrictions.
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    So exactly how do we do that? Don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't associate with this type of "gun owner".

    My "right" isn't conditioned on the actions of someone else.
  8. Schumer is the ultimate douche.

    Wait until New York gets hammered, as do jobs and tax revenue emanating from his block: Wall Street.

    No, it hasn't happened yet. You've only seen the beginning.
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