Chrysler Bankruptcy

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  1. Massively bullish news
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    In 2000, GM bought a 20% stake in Fiat for $2.4B. However, those crafty Italians put in the contract that they could force GM to buy the remainder. By the 3rd Q of 2002, GM had written down its stake in Fiat to $220M. In 2005, GM paid Fiat $2B to get out of the deal. Tells you what GM thought of Fiat.
  3. How many times is this? And , when will it happen again?
  4. It won't happen, Obama will save the company by printing billions... guaranteeing a 200 point rally on the Dow.
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    Anyone catch the irony with his SN?
  6. Actually it will happen. Possibly even tonight (April 30) at midnight if a deal can't be worked out with the hedge funds that hold alot of debt.
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    They have to let these companies FAIL, 12pm today there will be news on where Chrysler stands, they want to a quick bankruptcy lasting only 1-2 months, how this is possible is BEYOND anyone's imagination. Its a Fu$king JOKE of a world we live in.
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