Chrsistian mother of 5 sentenced to death by Muslims for blasphemy, will Obama act?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Could you possibly be any more stupid than to distort this unfortunate religious zealotry on the other side of the world into yet another Obama issue?
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    Yeah really!

    Everyone knows it's Bush's fault.
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    I think this is a legitimate contrasting of the idea of Obama appeasing the islamofascists while they simultaneously exersize brutal, inhuman 12th century "religious justice" on a likely completely innocent and clearly helpless woman. Muslims are abusive to the female gender, it is that simple. The left spends a great deal of time trying to rationalize and morally equivocate that fact away into the ether.
  4. Another liberal human rights crusader.

    The world thanks you.

  5. +10
  6. Yep, the left spends billions bending over backwards to appease muslims, the most barbaric group of human rights violators on earth. Meanwhile they are here abusing men's rights, and spending billions to advance "women's causes".

    Double standards- the trademark of the left wing...

  7. No, the point is this has precisely nothing to do with the President.
    If this place exercised any restraint on the trolls around here, this thread would be deleted and the OP banned.
  8. Neither did the guy in Cambridge being arrested for acting like a jackass but our dear leader injected himself into that situation didn't he?

  9. That happened in the US.
    This happened in Pakistan.
    Would you like him to invade that country? Because I know the next thing that would happen would be a bunch of threads denouncing him for that. You and I both know it.
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