Christopher Stevens' Dad: Politicizing Son's Death Would Be 'Abhorrent'

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    Christopher Stevens' Dad: Politicizing Son's Death Would Be 'Abhorrent'

    Christopher Stevens' father would really like it if everyone stopped trying to turn his son's death into a political issue. Speaking with Bloomberg News' Margaret Talev, Jan Stevens said it would be, "abhorrent" to turn his son's death into a campaign issue. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has faced criticism for politicizing the event from Democrats over comments he made the day after the consulate attacks. "I’m not sure exactly what he’s been saying and not saying, but our position is it would be a real shame if this were politicized," Stevens said. "Our concern now is memorializing Chris and remembering his contribution to the country." The Stevens family is preparing for a memorial for their son later this week.

    Stevens also said he "never heard [Christopher] say a critical word about the State Department or the administration," and explained he came up in the foreign services, not politics. The criticisms of the Romney campaign for politicizing the Libya attacks were still being discussed on Sunday's talkshows. The State Department have also faced intense criticism for their handling of the attacks in Libya. That said, no one has been sparred over this one. Stephanie Cutter, one of the President's top campaign aides, came under fire for saying Libya was only an issue because of Romney and Ryan.
  2. Another idiot speaks out.
    He didn't die of a peanut allergy ya moron ,when politicians cause a death through incompetence of course it should get the oppositions attention.
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    Lets not polticize the deficit or obamacare either or the tax increase on the middle class..

    but lets get harry reid to politicize romneys religion.