Christmas Wish List!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by funky, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. funky


    ok, i thought i'd start a thread on what everyone is thinking about putting on their wish list for the holidays.

    i'm looking to get the 19" or 21" samsung, and a decent carrying case for it :) anyone know of a good place to get not too expensive cases for a 19" or 21" lcd ??

    let the fun begin!

  2. I have been a luggage wholesaler for more than
    10 years, and still had no idea about case for LCD
    monitors. How long cases for LCD has been in the

    I am travelling early next year, and like to take my
    three 15" LCD and a tower case system.

    Btw is there a case for tower case desktop systems?
    Will apperciate if someone provide a nice link.
  3. pspr


    My Christmas wish is for my mother-in-law to go visit one of you for Christmas instead of me.

  4. Isn't this for your wife to dicide? well, i'm not an American.

    May be tell your wife to go visit her mom, this way you will
    be more releafed
  5. pspr


    That won't work, the wife is going there for Thanksgiving.
  6. I would love to get a good quality chair.

    This one has a massage feature built in. ahhh, that would be perfect when the market's slow. I should start saving up for it now.

    Actually, on second thought, I'm going to do something dangerous. I'm gonna trade next week and make the market pay for it. LOL! Most often than not, when you try to make the market pay for something, you usually end up losing money. But I'm going to attempt it anyways!

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  8. maxpi


    A 2005 Ford GT40. I heard they are all sold already though.
  9. I would like an open-ended interest free 250K business loan. santa?

  10. funky


    v, you not trading enough size??? :) you need a website lol! that will fix your problem....lots of b.s. will rake your needed 'investors' -- haven't you learned this yet? maybe you should contact mr. market.

    i'm gonna add one more to the list:

    a dinner with super_ego. super...if you are reading this, you can fly me out to hawaii and we'll do it there :)
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