Christmas Trading

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  1. the trading volume is going to be extremely thin this what does that mean? That can mean can mean very much muted moves, or extreme moves either direction. Depending on your broker, that could also mean a lot more extreme spreads and slippage than normal. New Home Sales is not that strong of an indicator and needs a lot of deviation in order to move the market. Existing home sales and consumer confidence have a 50/50 chance of conflicting. And you don't want to be trying your luck with conflicting reports during such thin volume :)

    Happy Holidays everyone :)
  2. Be intresting to see how many people will be trading next week? My guess is most will be.
  3. Not too sure. I know that there are plenty of reports lined up for the new year...but I think its going to be pretty quiet.

    Be good for me anyway, time for a break :)
  4. Jon Reed

    Jon Reed

    Yea, kinda sucks for us still trying to trade over these holiday seasons. I personally use Oanda to trade just because of the low start-up cost, but their pip spreads have risen to 10 for even the major currency pairs.
  5. siki13


    Well i decide to not trade GBPUSD today and look what happened; 150 pip up without any pullback.
  6. and the euro? similar move?

  7. I don't know if that gbp quote is accurate.
  8. No. On my chart euro has almost not moved. Very strange.
  9. Well, for Christmas I just deposited 5k more into my Oanda account, and put myself on the waiting list for the SNW. Anyone used it? I think the charge is something like 999/month. I figured I might as well blow my money on more Forex stuff :)
  10. siki13


    I don`t know what the hell is going on
    It`s back down now ,but the quote should be regular because it was on cnbc yesterday 172+ (0.88%)
    EURUSD didn't move nothing
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