Christmas Rally, February Crash...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by achilles28, Dec 7, 2008.

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    Worse than the Great Depression.

    Melt-down starts in Feb after holiday numbers and layoffs get blown out.

    Sources are self-proclaimed insiders with a great track record.

    These predictions are 100% political. Have nothing to do with economics.

    The 9 Trillion bailout fraud has amply demonstrated that. Could have been saved for less than 2 Trillion.

    Even mainstream media and Obama is warning of worse pain to come....

    I think we're fucked.
  2. I see the same.
    Once we get the mechanism to trade divertive and credit swaps the money will flow again. I think either ICE or CME will have government support to create these markets.
    So I see us climbing out of this crisis at this point.

    But at the exact same time Obama and the Congress will kill it by a massive socialist takeover under the cover of a "new deal".
    That legislation should hit about March and the recovery will end.
  3. Serious question: What's the trade?

    No asset class will be spared; not oil, no metals (maybe gold?).
  4. The government is hellbent on flooding any market that is in trouble with unlimited liquidity and bailing out any "big" company. That tells me the market is only going higher from this point.

    Futures are indicating a strong open. A 1,000 point gain on the Dow tomorrow is not out of the question.

    Happy trading
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    Is your insider Gerald Celente?:D
  6. Did stock_trad3r get a new username while I wasn't looking??
  7. Predictions that are entirely political and have nothing to do with economics? Well, why didn't you say so!

    Personally, I don't think so. I think we get massive inflation, and that's what gets us out of all of this (of course with an inflation problem). We'll also get significant regulatory strengthening. The last bastion of capitalistic markets will go the way of europe.

  8. haha CDS are dead they wont be coming back on any type of exchange. They are toxic.

    If you are depending on govt to save the mkt you need to re read history.