Christmas Party with Penthouse Pet of the Year in Manhattan

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  1. I found this event on Facebook...

    What: Our Annual Christmas Party with Penthouse Pet of the year

    When: Friday, December 17, 2010 8:45 PM

    Where: Carnival
    110 university Place between 12th and 13th Streets
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 255-8188

    Join us for our annual Christmas show dubbed little Christmas in Union Square.

    Doors open at 9pm, Free admission till midnight and a whole lot of entertainment.

    *Hosted by Penthouse Pet of the year 2011 Nikki Benz,
    *Santa's little helper. 3 foot 6 inch Nik Sin. (Reality show on Bravo)
    *Master of ceremonies is Shane Savant direct from Webster Hall

    Nikki Benz was just crown pet of the year 2011 and can also be seen every Thursday at 1:00 pm EST on FOXSports.
  2. I'm sure she trades semen. Probably quite good at it
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    Is Penthouse still published? Who buys porno mags anymore?
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  6. Penthouse Pet of the Year = Very High Priced Whore

    Here is how the party works: you bring your money to the table and she brings her....:)
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    she may be but certainly not the way u describe. hopefully u trade with better info.
  8. Well, I hope I was helpful in pointing out a good event to attend. Some of you have even found negativity in the Penthouse Pet of the Year. Im not sure how you found anything negative about that, but I am not surprised.
  9. Simple life.

    Do lot of meditation to get inner happiness.

    These parties are a way to stimulate pleasure neurochemicals like dopamine in inner happiness..You need to keep pumping dopamine through unending pleasures.

    Sorry for my post. I know i have achieved inner happiness through meditation, so i got carried away.

    Enjoy your party.
  10. She "bends" alright! :cool:
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