christmas is near

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Andy62279, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Christmas is near... what do you guys wish for xmas, or plan on getting for your significant other?

    The only thing I want can't be bought... just pray that it may happen :D

    Our family celebrates xmas, but we hardly ever exchange gifts. We just try and have a happy gathering. I find that stuff more precious than any gem... in my opinion.

    I wish you guys a merry christmas.

  2. I am wishing for goodwill to all men, peace in the middle east and a prosperous trading year (only for me).:p
  3. I was at Best Buy yesterday just picking up some stuff for myself and the lines were horrible.

    Looks like the economy isn't so bad off in my area!
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    I give unusual tropical fruits, specialty chocolates and food in general. Everyone likes it the best on my xmas list. They all have too much "stuff"......:)
  5. I really don't like the idea of giving useless junk to people. I think it's a waste of money if it'll never be used. I've seen some of the presents a friend of mine got for last christmas. It was a bunch of junk he ended up throwing out. I think the only useful thing he got was the candy, cos I went home with them... lol

    cards are ok... but I prefer beer!