Christmas greetings to u political lefties who imagine all cultures are equally valid

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  1. for a moment I thought it was a mormon child-bride being married off.

    that is why religious zealots ( regardless of the religion ) are dangerous and should not be allowed to vote.

    They bend religious teachings to fulfill their perverse proclivities.
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    Why are you lying? There was never a moment when reading that article that you thought it was about a Mormon.

    The first sentence before even mentioning arranged marriage notes that the girl was Saudi.

    The top of the web page says SAUDI GIRL.

    If you have strong negative feelings about religion that's fine but why lie to support your thoughts?
  3. I guess the old mullah was also "yearning for zion".

    "The Yearning for Zion case is about sexual abuse of girls and children who were taught that underage marriages are a way of life. It is about parents who condoned illegal underage marriages and adults who failed to protect young girls — it has never been about religion," the agency said.

    Ah yes. Fondling 6 year old girls is kosher if a small prayer is said.

    Religious fundamentalist?

    In a saner world there would be a shoot-on-sight policy.
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    Yeah and apparently God didn't like it, the guy got busted.
  5. I think when the boy nephew reported the crime, the authorities arrested Warren Jeffs more because of the crime of man against boy. But for the man against young girls it is tolerated.
  6. I believe in Saudi Arabia you get the death penalty for being a homo. Take Warren Jeffs there. He deserves it.