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  1. Boomer


    i was wanting to get some ideas for some books for christmas. i have done some searches, but i wanted to throw it out to yall. (im in the middle of trading for a living) give me some of your favorites...thanks
  2. Trading books, or just books in general?
  3. Boomer


    trading, mostly daytrading..., but not just strategies...maybe some overall trading books, pysc stuff
  4. Try this
    Zen in the Art of Archery
    Eugen Herrigel (Author)
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  6. mojo59


    The Way of the Warrior Trader by Richard McCall.
  7. Boomer


    can i get some recommendations on fib books?

    what about: The New Fibonacci Trader or

    New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading

  8. Boomer


    what is his best book? i have read douglas, and wanted to read one of his. i see 4 that have high ratings...any comments....
  9. mojo59


    Trading With Dinapoli Levels by Joe Dinapoli is the best I have read.
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