Christie's political career is *OVER*

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. 377OHMS


    Chris Christie is finished...

    He gave aid and comfort to the enemy in the last moments of a very close election race. If he can't see the effect he has had then he certainly isn't anybody I would vote for for President...ever.

    The fat guy has left the building.

    Who could imagine a President from New Jersey anyway? Its the land of the corrupt politician.

    Just another fat fuck in silk socks. Next!
  2. LEAPup


    He's a loose cannon to begin with, no less a two-faced prick! He's done as far as I'm concerned!
  3. pspr


    I've read that the convervative world wouldn't be too happy with Christie if they knew everything he stood for either. But, yeah, I have to agree that his actions with Obama would also cast a cloud over any run for a national office as a Republican. I think he may be too confrontational for national office. While sometimes that seems good it also reminds me of the temperment of a Howard Dean.
  4. 377OHMS


    Howling like a crazed werewolf does have a chilling effect on ones political life. :D
  5. Christie is merely setting the table for a successful presidential campaign in 2016.

    Let's take a look at reality - If Romney won in 2012, could Christie run in 2016?

    If an unpopular 8 year Democratic president leaves office in 2016 - any decent Republican running for president would have a huge advantage in both not having to run against an incumbent and having the polls on their side from day 1.

    If doing this requires Christie to toss Mitt under the bus...the big boy from Jersey will do so gleefully.
  6. LEAPup


    Will never happen. He's a loose cannon, and people know it. Ocommunist was a sneaky bastard. Christie can't keep his mouth shut, and isn't anyone the people will punch a hole for no matter how sick Ocommunist is. I'd take Christie over this piece of trash, but wouldn't be doing cart wheels over having him in office.
  7. 377OHMS


    Christie could not be nominated at this point. I hope he has grape jelly in his pockets because he is toast.
  8. He couldn't even run in 2020 as Ryan would likely be the GOP nominee if Romney won and served 2 terms

    Christie needs Romney to lose if he hopes to make it to the white house anytime soon
  9. I don't even support the guy, but there's a chance he'll be the next president because he, like Obama, an unlike you, is about doing what's right, and not hating the other side just because.

    give it a break, would ya?
  10. Is it not at all possible that he and Obama, are putting politics aside, and just trying to help others cope with the devastation as best they can?

    I'd be surprised to find out you live anywhere near the scene of havoc, or even know anyone who does. Do you?
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