Christie: unfit for office

Discussion in 'Politics' started by joshcohen, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. As a Republican, it pains me to have to turn on those who wear the same hat.

    But Christie, a traitor to our cause and supporter of Husein Obama, has used his position to defer prosecution against his fraudulent trader brother.

    Christie has also been involved in cell phone monitoring and entrapment.

    When President Romney comes to power, he should deal firmly with the terrorist-lover Christie and ban him from further office.

    Romney should also re-open the case against Christie's evil dog of a brother.
  2. Christie is a fat lump of liberal loving shite.

    Cutting the deficit would be easier than getting this traitor to the USA to lose weight.


    Christie looks like he wants gay love with Obama Husein. He should go on top and crush Husein. Husein's right hand is already fingering Christie's asshole.
  3. I honestly don't know if your posts are meant to be jokes or not. They ARE funny.

    Does anyone know? Is Josh serious? Or is he "joshing"?

    Maybe that's the clue. The Josh.
  4. I guess I could drop to their level and just say that Josh says it all in his first post. "As a Republican"
  5. You're both stupid liberals. I'm gonna tell President Mitt to cage you both in Guantanemo.
  6. Now that Romney is no more , Joshcohen/Phantomtrader ought to apologize to Christie.
  7. Romney should have never let those 2 meet,Italians and The Brothers get along quite well