Christie Needs To Smack Some Heads In NJ Schools

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    Would you complain if you were paid a six figure salary -- and had virtually no responsibilities? Paula Santana, a New Jersey principal, has filed a complaint with the New Jersey Department of Education, alleging her new position -- "principal on assignment" -- has "absolutely no duties or functions." She is being paid $143,156 a year and calls the job "an insult," according to the report by

    Santana, who suffers from a respiratory disorder, claims she was transferred to this do-nothing job last July as a result of a conflict with the state district superintendent. In July 2011, she says a "breathing incident" forced her to leave a meeting with the superintendent and then made it difficult for her to attend subsequent follow-up meetings; soon after she says she was subjected to retaliation and received her first poor evaluation in her 30 years working in Paterson, NJ schools, reports.

    According to her complaint, she was told that in her new job, she'd be responsible for "compliance reporting," an area she had no training in. Once she began the job, her petition says: " became clear that she was simply being 'placed out of the way' as the new position has absolutely no duties or functions."

    While Santana's description of her job sounds like a classic "rubber room" job, a do-nothing position given to educators to get them out of the classroom, a local education advocacy group leader told the that "some of the principals on assignment are working real hard." At the start of this school year, Paterson Public Schools had eight people in the "principal on assignment" position and they were making a total of about $950,000, the web site reported.

    Both Santana and the school district declined to comment on Santana's complaint, saying it remained in litigation, said.
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    Tsing Tao

    Ever been to Paterson? It's a shit hole.
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    I thought that went for all of New Jersey?
  4. 1) ......(rimshot)......:D
    2) It took you "long enough" to respond! :cool:
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    Tsing Tao

    Most of Jersey is quite nice. It's called the Garden State for a reason, you know.
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    I've only been to Newark. I just thought they used that slogan to make people laugh. :D
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    Tsing Tao

    Newark is most certainly a shit hole. And that's what most people judge it by, as they come through Newark Airport.

    I grew up in Morris County and later lived in Sussex County. Some really lovely places in New Jersey. Again, I'm speaking of landscapes and outdoor life - not political or tax, weather, traffic issues of which there are many.
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    I've had friends from NY who say the same thing about upper New York. I've only been to Manhattan, Long Island and Staten Island so that's the only image that comes to mind when I think of NY, too.

    I guess I've been to Atlantic City, too, but we drove there after dark from NYC and drove back before morning so I didn't see anything but highways. I don't think the boardwalk was even there yet. Just a couple of casinos.
  9. NJ drivers are so bad ass NYS Troopers don't even stop them.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it...:cool:

    You see Jersey plates flying down the NY high ways, they never get busted.
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    Tsing Tao

    Upstate NY is magnificent. Very woodsy, tons of lakes (10,000 or some absurd number like that) and rolling plains. I got my undergrad in Albany.
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