Christie Is Beginning To Remind Me Of Howard Dean

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    Ever since Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of the Jersey shore last October, officials have planned for a new system of protective sand dunes along the entirety of the 127-mile coast.

    And also since the day of the storm, some homeowners have refused to sign easements giving federal and state officials permission to do the work.

    Their stated reasons have been fears that boardwalks, bathrooms, snack stands or amusement rides might be built nearby.

    On Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie rejected those claims in his bluntest, most off-color terms yet.

    At a town hall meeting on Long Beach Island, the governor said their true objection is losing their oceanfront views.

    "I have no interest in taking your property," Christie said. "I have no interest in building anything other than a dune. I don't want to build a road, I don't want to build a shower, I don't want to build a hut. Any knucklehead neighbor of yours that says: 'Oh, Christie comes in, there's going to be showers, a bathroom, a hot dog stand.

    "Let me use a word," Christie said, urging parents of the handful of children in the room to cover their ears.

    "Bull----!" he roared, using the full version of BS. "That's what it is! They don't want their views blocked."

    Christie ticked off the devastation caused by the storm, including about 360,000 homes or apartments destroyed, and about $37 billion in damage.

    "We are not going through that again so you can sit on the first floor rather than the second floor and see the ocean," he said.
  2. He knows this kind of thing gets him in the national news and appeals to a certain type of voter. It's kind of a twofer for him. He appears to be a no nonsense, manly leader. Plus, he is sticking it to the rich who own these properties.

    Whatever. He is a local NJ story now. He will never get the republican nomination for president. His best shot is to get that sleazebag Menedez's senate seat, which might be doable.