christians. no way we will vote for a morman.

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  1. romney has a big problem. i agree. being a morman shows a serious lack of judjement and critical thinking ability:

    Finally: An Honest Evangelical Weighs In on Romney and the Mormon Question
    But a journalist named Warren Cole Smith has ended the nonsense and has decided to speak the truth on behalf his fellow Evangelical Christians by stating the obvious: he and many of his fellow true believers will not vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Mormon.

    I first became aware of just how deep and serious this phenomenon was when my friend Adam Christing returned from producing a documentary on the founder of the LDS church, Joseph Smith called A Mormon President. Christing, a film producer, author and comedian told me he was shocked at the deep resentment that is felt to this day for the LDS church on the part of many of the people he had interviewed in the South and Midwest. I decided to investigate for myself and asked two moderate Republican Evangelical Christian friends what they would do if the choice was between Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton: without hesitation they said they'd vote for Clinton because of Romney's Mormon faith.

    The L.A. Times' Tim Rutten and others have weighed in with attacks on Smith, but this is a mistake because far from shouting down the likes of Smith, this objection needs to be debated openly and honestly if for no other reason than to help the poor Romney kids from watching their inheritance being squandered on a fool's errand. After all, if Evangelical Christians who form the base of the GOP are not going to vote for a Mormon under any circumstances, even willing to turn to the other party's candidate, Mormons like Romney deserve to know the truth.

    I would venture to say that the feeling is so strong that millions of Christians would easily prefer a Jewish candidate, say Eric Cantor, over a Mormon one like Romney because though they may wish that Cantor would accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, they would never label Judaism as a cult, as they would the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  2. I thought I saw video of Romney talking in tongues somewhere.

    Anyone ever see that video?
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    Sure they'd vote in a Mormon. Hell, Christians would vote for Beelzebub himself before they would vote for the douchebag-in-chief again. Being the atheist that you are, you underestimate the Bible thumpers.
  4. I don't see the problem given your complete hatred of Christians.
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  6. Whatever happened to separation of church and state??

    Its not like a Mormon is going to put a ban on evangelicalism.
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    Excellant points.
    Also on topic, Dr Jerry Falwell[ VA,Old TIme Gospel Hour, Liberty U, largest Christian college i think...];
    included Mormons, Jews... in his ''Moral Majority''/action:cool:

    Mr Romney has a big problem. with his Mass/Mess socialized Medicine.......................

    :D Sounds like the attempted Federal power grab ''health care/death panel...'' is unconstitutional as well:cool: Bless God for that
  8. The great irony is that the one group that most practices the morally conservative, strong family values ethics of the Evangelical Christians is the Mormons.
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    It is also ironic that Romney was pro-choice before he was pro-life, being a Mormon, unless the Mormon faith is OK with being pro-choice. Do morally conservative, strong family values allow for abortion (with the exception of extreme circumstances)?

    I will not vote for Romney in the primary, but if he is the final candidate, I will have no choice but to vote for him against our current ruler.
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    This is what happens to the separation of church and state!
    Good Morning America!
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