"Find God's Match for You." Blasphemy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brass, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I have seen TV ads for this web site repeatedly, and I can't quite get over their slogan: "Find God's Match for you."TM

    Is it not rather blasphemous to assume to know and then pronounce God's will, especially in commercial affairs? As an atheist, I find it curious and I would think that supposedly devout followers would find such gratuitous and direct misuse of God's name for financial gain as offensive.
  2. Not if God has become a business model:D

    There is big money in the God business.
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    Sure, but it's couched, however thinly veiled it may be. Whereas this outfit's slogan is barefaced. Arguably, you can't give it the benefit of the doubt even if you wanted to.
  4. Mingle and find God's Match for you . . . . that lady already has a ring on her finger. They could be married though, but then why urge them to mingle? Maybe the minglers would only just look at each other over tea or something. No contraceptives needed there.
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    Anybody who ever got divorced after finding their ex-spouse through ChristianMingle should sue their asses off for false advertisement. :p
  6. Look, the christians fighting who is the real god, who is the real christian dating service.

    "Fellow brothers and sisters, it's time to take a radical stand for Christ. Do not use the dating service provided at Christian Mingle. Every dollar you put into this dating service is literally going into the promotion and support of sexual immorality which will ultimately lead to broken lives and homes. Support the real christian dating services instead."

    " /
    Thumbs Down! "

    "Christian Mingle ( - formerly is found on many Christian dating sites like this one as a recommended site. Howevever, I do NOT recommend Christian Mingle as a Christian dating site.

    It has been documented by other Websites on the Internet that Spark Networks, the company that owns operates other Websites that are not in line with Christian values, therefore I do not recommend Christian Mingle.

    For more information, please see the links below:

    While Spark Networks is free to operate whatever sites they want (and we support that right), as Christians we do not have to support them. This information is provided so that you can make your own choices regarding which Christian dating sites you use.

    Note the Christian Mingle ( is the same as They started as, then switched to, and are now back to Christian Mingle.

    Click here for a list of safe,
    legitimate sites you can trust "
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    Nice find, trendlover.
  8. A great source of gullible women! They will probably believe I'm a Doctor!