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    Let the discussion begin!!!
  2. That might make sense...unless that's not what Jesus was all about. Possibly all of that has been projected on his teachings, just as sinners love to cast all their sins on that which is crucified. Makes you wonder. What really crucifies the Truth? Hint: Lies

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    I first saw that two years ago. It's still funny.
  4. life is not to be taken literally ...
  5. having read a number of your posts, (and having been impressed by exactly none of them), what exactly is your objective?

    to prove people wrong or yourself right?
  6. I'll give you a few more minutes...

    and then, mercy will be granted, and you will be placed on ignore.

    Lord knows, I can only handle so much stupdity...
  7. Is for idiots
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    Then you must have your hands full just dealing with yourself.
  9. Can you find one of these for Allah/Muhammed/Islam?

    I bet it would be funny too. :p
  10. Lots of jaded people out there..........

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