Christianity - vicious and wicked faith

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Do the Christian right give the rest a bad name?

  1. Yes, Christianity is wicked and visious faith.

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  2. No, Christians are just misunderstood

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  3. I am a muslim

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  4. I don't know who are muslims.

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  1. "It is a serious offense to mock God."
    - A member of Kansas school board
  2. That is why muslims are on the rampage now. :confused:
  3. The difference is a muslim would have called for a war, set something on fire, maybe lopped somebody's head off and other instances of absurd violence.
  4. Which America Muslims have called for a war, set something on fire, or lopped off somebodys head recently, or engaged in other instances of absurd violence?

    I doubt very much that Muslims are burning the Baptist churches down south....

  5. If muslims take power in Ameica, liberals will have their throats cut.
  6. bronks


    You know the reason why. There are some very itchy fingers just waiting for any one of them to step out of line.
  7. Illogical.

    If suicide bombers, Muslims, believe their efforts assure them of heaven and 72 virgins.....

    Then American Muslims, if sharing the same belief would be doing same....

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