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  1. Thought I'd start a thread with you tube links to some of my favorite Christian songs. If anyone listens to any of them, I hope they are an encouragement to you! I will sometimes listen to these and similar songs as I trade. It can be distracting, so I generally wait until trading has quieted down some after the open.

    I Wonder As I Wander by Simon Khorolskiy

    Oh, The Deep Love of Jesus by Simon Khorolskiy

    The God Who Sees sung by Nicole C. Mullen

    The Servant King by Livingstones Quartet

    Though You Slay Me by Shane & Shane featuring John Piper
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  2. vanzandt


    :thumbsdown: On all 5. But that's only my opinion, so the thumbs down means absolutely nothing. It belongs to me and I own it.

    My opinion, its waaaay too contemporary. Hey don't take this the wrong way.... but you gotta be white af. Not a slam, but man that ain't Gospel music, and it sure as hell doesn't have any soul. My god... who died? Lets live while we can.

    Ok, I'll shut-up. Like I said... my opinion only.
    But up the bpm, move the highs to the right an octave or two... and work on the lyrics.
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  3. vanzandt


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  4. maxinger


    my favorite.
    played during my mother's passing
  5. LOL....not too many people like my style of music.

    Thanks for the song. I DID like that. :)
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  6. Thanks! That's one of my favorites too.
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  7. Hooti


    [QUOTE="vanzandt, post: 5150115, member: 493912"......./QUOTE]
    I attended a small religious undergrad university. The president of the U. had a stroke and spent all the money before anyone figured out his problem. No money for any speakers or activities. Who heard about it and came for free? Jester Hairston. He came and taught us how to sing...

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  8. stu


    Can't have a thread like this without Norman Greenbaum's utterly superb (imo) combination of gospel and hard rock

    as good as the day it was released 50 years ago. Stunning instrumentals at least I think so. Hope you enjoy it too.
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  9. Hadn't heard that one before. Loved the music. As far as the message...not quite in alignment with what the Bible says that "all have sinned" would know that from our previous discussion. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for sharing it!
  10. Thanks....I loved this song when I was a kid. Haven't heard it for a while.

    How nice to have him teach you guys for free. Must have been an amazing experience.
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