christian scholars: christians have heaven wrong. there is no mansion in the sky.

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  1. The oft-cliched Christian notion of heaven -- a blissful realm of harp-strumming angels -- has remained a fixture of the faith for centuries. Even as arguments will go on as to who will or won't be "saved," surveys show that a vast majority Americans believe that after death their souls will ascend to some kind of celestial resting place.

    But scholars on the right and left increasingly say that comforting belief in an afterlife has no basis in the Bible and would have sounded bizarre to Jesus and his early followers.
  2. Jem. . . whats your opinion?
  3. lol. what do you think? is it possible that educated people in the internet age still believe there is a real place up in the sky where the streets are paved in gold?

    Is there an intelligent man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden story? If you find any man who believes it, strike his forehead and you will hear an echo. Something is for rent.
    -- Robert Green Ingersoll
  4. Oh No ,no angels, but what do you think will be it then "Free"Thinker?

    Will your God Obama be reigning in Heaven as he does here in the USA, while you sing his hymns, "Obama, Obama, my lover Obongo, How I love you theeeee........"

  5. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
  6. Ingersoll died in 1899. Do you think since the advance in education since that time andinformation available from the vast resource of the internet, people are somehow should be persuaded not to believe what they believed throughout time?

    You won't present any new arguements in 2012 and neither had ingersoll in the 1800's. It's not about intelligence, information or education (perhaps for you and some others it is).

    Garden of Eden, pfffttttt... is harmless.

    Why don't people go pick on Allah and footbaths?
  7. The only 2 pc groups I think you can pick on safely in the US are rednecks and Christians.

    I think if I was stuck in a fox hole, I'd rather be with one of them.
  8. do you think that at this point in world history, when we have to compete with countries like china, that is does no harm to teach our children that 6000 years ago a white haired old guy in the sky just said abra kadabra and the whole world popped up just as we see it today?
    is there something wrong with dispelling mythology in a quest for answers?
    maybe you just think that those suseptible to such primitive mythology are not capable of handeling the truth? is that it?

    No democratic delusion is more fatuous than that which holds that all men are capable of reason, and hence susceptible to conversion by evidence. If religions depended upon evidence for their prolongation, then all of them would collapse. it is not only that the actual evidence they offer is extremely dubious; it is mainly that the great majority of the men they seek to reach are quite incapable of comprehending any evidence, good or bad. They must get at such men through their feelings or resign getting at them altogether.HL Mencken:
  9. Oh yeah smarty-pants? How many people have YOU talked to that died, went to heaven, and then came back and told you about it? Why would they bother even if they COULD do it. Why would I stop playing a perfect game of golf amongst the clouds just to come back to tell all you sorry asses how cool it is?

    this bunch concocted this story and wrote a book that sold a huge number of copies to gullible christians.
    be honest. would you believe it?
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