Christian Persecution

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    The new season may be only one day old but the most controversial book of the season may just be: David Limbaugh's PERSECUTION: HOW LIBERALS ARE WAGING WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY.

    Limbaugh enters a very crowded new book release week [O'Reilly, Albom], but the nationally syndicated columnist and brother of Rush has delivered a crushing blow with a charge that liberals in courts, government, media and Hollywood oppress Christianity and anything Christian.

    The book ranked 3,057 on AMAZON's hitparade Monday afternoon. Publisher REGNERY plans 100,000 copies in its initial run.

    *A New Jersey teacher was forced by an ACLU suit to abandon plans to take children to see the Broadway version of “A Christmas Carol.”

    *School officials in Windsor, Virginia prohibited two graduating seniors from singing “The Prayer,” a popular song sung by Celine Dion, among others. When the students raised their first amendment rights, the school announced there would be no singing of any sort at the graduation ceremony.

    *In April 2001, the Logan County Public Library in Bowling Green, Kentucky, fired employee Kimberly Draper for wearing a necklace with a cross pendant to work

    With PERSECUTION, Limbaugh ups the ante in the intensifying media/culture battle. He was warns the reader in his introduction:

    "This book chronicles discrimination against Christians in American society. While tolerance is touted as the highest virtue in our popular culture, Christians are often subjected to scorn and ridicule and denied their religious freedoms."
  2. couldn't be further from the truth...

    nobody whines like the christians.
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    But aren't you now whining about the Christians whining? ahhh, hypocrisy at it's best.

    So I guess you won't be running out to buy his book then.
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    Unfortuneately the liberal media has waged war against anything that exposes it falacy and fraudulent intentions.

    You aint seen nothin yet.
    Our society cant tolerate or stomach truth of ANY KIND!
    Our culture is INTOLERANT yet it claims to be tolerant of liberal views. When the culture screems tolerance they realy mean tolerant of liberal views and intolerant against ALL opposing views.
  5. it's sad that the first amendment has been basterdized to this point....... it is actually politically correct to bash christians but it is cool to delve into the occult.... oh well, think i'll just go watch Charmed or Buffy the Vampire slayer.
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    What about all the flack us atheists get?

    Every Bible toting, Koran and Torah reading religious zealot makes our lives a living hell by preaching at us.

    Free the atheists! :eek: :eek:
  7. Ahh, Maverick, you and I could go back and forth all day calling each other hypocrites...but I guess it takes one to know one, so if you say so, then I must be a hypocrite...

    I wish...

    I think the point is that the liberal view is that everyone should be able to speak whatever they want, regardless of whether anyone believes it or if it goes against the tragic ramblings of some 5000 year old myth invented by nomads camel-jockying the desert...

    The christians get upset because they don't like to hear some things, so they go apeshit and start freaking out about whatever it is and usually the target is some minority artist or something like that, and the liberals get out there and say, "HEY! this country's free so stop your bitching!"

    The christians turn around and say, "but gawsh! i love those family values, and i loves my gun and goin' to church, and bein' good, and hatin' the coloreds, and i'm sick and tired o' hearing that hip hop and i don't understand nothing about it, but it doesn't make sense to me and that scares me! so i'm gonna bitch and moan about it and claim that the good book says that's bad, ok?"

    There really are no "liberal views," except maybe mind your own fucking business and keep your nose out of other people's business. The liberal view says, "hey! i don't give a fuck what YOU think! you prove to me god exists and that he cares about what marilyn manson says, and until you can do that, shut the fuck up and stay OUT of my business!"

    The christians are all about freedom as long as it agrees with the bible and not the koran or anything else, and all about guns...

    Makes perfect fucking sense to me.
  8. anyone wanna have a bible burning party?
  9. or better yet why don't we just respect each others beliefs and move on.
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    Same thing is happening to muslims in america too. What does Mr. Limbaugh have to say about other religions?
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