christian/muslim parallels

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  1. a christian tells muslim women to not hide their face.

    a non-religious person may tell a christian woman she should not have to hide her nipples and also tells muslim women to not wear burkas.

    christians should not act superior because they have major flaws, too. non-religious thinking is superior to all.
  2. That's it? That's the best you can do?
    Not a very strong argument there.
  3. LOL there's more to it inside my mind. I don't like to waste time explaining things in detail to kristian blockheads.
  4. Is it any surprise so many have died over religion. Just look at the religious wars on ET. Religion sucks.
  5. ElCubano


    religion be EGO wars you mean. Religion has yet to kill one person..porkey snorky...I guess you also believe guns kill.....

    I guess we should also do away with the number one killer of all time...nothing has killed more than this ( of course this is using porky snorkys logic) u know what that is???
  6. no, actually, I'm not one of those people that want to sue gun manufacturers or Burger King.

    religion IS the cause of so much shit in the world. I don't care who disagrees. you're religious, so I don't expect you to side with me.
  7. How pathetic, the atheists have to create new user names.

    Nice try GG.
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    But yet you are "those people" that want to blame religion...with ur logic you should also want to sue the gun manufacturers and burger king...

    cmon now ( again using ur logic ) ...what is the number one killer of all time????
  9. The number one killer of all time is alcohol.

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    ARTSKY...dont forget we are using porky snorkys logic....
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