Christam On Wall Street-Thanks Hank Paulson

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  1. I’m sure everyone at Goldman Sachs is breathing a sigh of relief now that there man Hank is going to get a whole lot of tax payer money. And that Goldman Sachs will get the lions share.

    All Goldman employees will receive there massive bonuses and Hank will see to that. How can our officials not see thru this theft?

    Wells Fargo reported good earnings; Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase has good earnings. Goldman, Morgan Stanley had good numbers why are the throwing all this money at the system

    To trust him with overseeing this is just plain irresponsible. It’s like Hank knows he on the way out but he’s going to make sure Goldman Sachs is well positioned. Were is justice in this world?
  2. While in college... and the day after a mid-term the Prof gave a pop quiz. Over the din of our complaining, "that not fair"... he said, "I never promised to be fair. The world is not fair. Get used to it."

    Never has that been more true than now in America. :mad:
  3. He's on Fox news Sunday right now. It'll be repeated at 6 tonight.

    If anyone can do it , it's probably him. It'll take a while, will not be equitable. I've said all along, you don't get all of the crooks.
    However, the Congress now has to work together, the government will have to pull out all the stops.

    I believe Hank Paulson can save the system. My logic.

    I really don't have a choice. Anything else would be to just give up.

    You know, this is just the way we work. 2600 dead at Pearl Harbor. 80,000 of our people deserted on Correigidor. The powers that were knew it was going to happen. It's the way we work. Billy Mitchell, booted w/ disgrace from the Army for saying Japan would attack us, and airpower was the way of the future. Someday, we'll go too far, and not be able to come back. I just hope this isn';t the time. But I really don't have a say. And neither do you.
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    If you can't trust an ex wall streeter who can you trust????? Grease up good.
  5. LOL.
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    Let's see.....
    Lose a little every day on your deals.
    Take out your fees.
    Pay out millions to the people in charge.
    Over pay the deal finders.
    Make it all up on huge volume.
    Discover you still lost your ass.
    Then pass it off to the people you took advantage of in the first place.

    WAY TO GO!!!!
  7. I was handed that line by my boss at one time.

    My answer was "There's a difference between someone who uses that as the end of an argument, and someone who uses it as the beginning of one."

    Just because the world is not fair, doesn't mean we should ever stop trying to make it so...:D