Chris Matthews said what?!?!?!?!!?!?!

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  1. Maverick74


    Are you f*cking shitting me? I've heard this douche bag say a lot of stuff over the years that seriously makes me question his sanity but this is ridiculous.

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    "They never get the Speakership back because the people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally - you can say backward if you want - but they don't like this kind of stuff at all. They're not part of that 56 percent in Brooklyn and Queens who say, "okay, we can live with this guy."

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    This is regarding the Anthony Weiner debacle.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, yeah we have a real problem with those backward christian conservatives who dont want their congressmen sending pictures of their penis out to random young women over the internet.


    We need more people like the ones in Brooklyn who will vote for the sleaze just because he is a democrat, regardless of his behaviour.

    Not to mention the fact that the idea that the dems can never win the house again with weiner in congress is absolutely ridiculous.
  3. CNBC had a poll this morning asking if Twitter was bad for America?


    How about a poll asking if idiot cock-tweeting congressman are bad for America!?
  4. Chris Mathews mostly just goes on psychotic rants nowadays.
  5. =============
    This is NOT a racial statement;
    but speaking of ' ' Chris backward'', pot called kettle black:D

    Frankly, i thought Rep Weiner voting for Obama care;
    was a far bigger peversion that his current trouble.

    But it appears the courts[rural or city judges,LOL] may agree Obama Care/death panels is in fact an unconstitutional peversion .
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Who even watches Chris Matthews? I mean, UNLESS he says something like this?

    Actually, I think that's my point entirely.
  7. Lucrum


    No one with more of an IQ than a Lima bean.
  8. jem


    Doing shit that stupid, is a security risk to the nation in many ways.

    tweeting your privates is more than just a moral mistake... you could easily be blackmailed in a few years.

    Being so stupid should be an auto disqual.

    Being as two faced as chris matthews... claiming to be an catholic on the air at times and then posing question as to call into question the intelligence of those with values... is more proof the leftist media is dangerous to our future.

    You realize why he had to frame the question in such a distorted way?

    Because although he thinks weiner should go... he is afraid to piss off his liberal paymasters.
  9. Maverick74


    Exactly. The point made was someone could have easily blackmailed him to control his vote in the House. That is what is so scary. I think a lot of people don't get this. I always hear Bill Maher say, what is so bad about Clinton getting a blowjob? Nothing is wrong with blowjobs! But to think that Lewinsky could have been a mole for someone and then used that information to control the President of the US. Sure, it sounds like a Hollywood movie, but it's possible on many levels. This is why we attempt to elect leaders who are of a certain character and stature. Someone needs to tell Mr. Mathews that it doesn't matter if the people in his district "can live with it". That's not the point.
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Attempt is the key word. It is quite obvious we are either failing horribly at it, or every slimy prick in the world tries to get a job as an elected official, i would say its a mixture of both.

    I dont know if its because there are more demagogues in politics who force these issues into the spotlight, or if its just because smarter, more competent people go to the private sector, but this kind of behaviour doesnt seem to happen in the private sector at rates that are even close to the greaseballs in the public sector.
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