Chris Matthews: How dare Romney run against Obama?

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  1. Matthews: Romney’s Decision To Run For President Showed ‘Arrogance,’ ‘Disdain’ For Obama

    by Noah Rothman | 6:20 pm, September 14th, 2012

    MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on his program that he thought Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was displaying a suspicious level of arrogance by thinking that he could run for president against Barack Obama.

    “I thought the decision by Romney to run for president, even as this president had not yet even been inaugurated, Mayor, showed a certain kind of disdain,” said Matthews. “I don’t want to get into his head on this – I don’t like the look of it – but he seemed to think, ‘Well, this guy could be beat by me.’”

    Matthews said that Romney’s suspicion that he could defeat President Obama in 2012, even though he knew that he was not “a first-rate politician,” was an “arrogant point of view.”

    “I’ve got a message for Mitt Romney – I wouldn’t do any head games with Barack Obama,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willy Brown. “He’s not smart enough, I don’t think he’s clever enough and he clearly has no street about him at all.”
    How dare Romney run against Obama. Our Lord should have been given a walkover.

    Who still says Obamaism is not a cult ?
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    LOL. The Dems are running scared. But BSNBC has crossed over to insane TV. I heard they were discussing a few days ago who was the greater evil, Netanyahu or Ahmadinejad.

    They are completely insane.
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    I know a guy that has MSNBC running all the time. He's an admitted "political junkie". I can't stand him. I'm trying to have a lunch and he's going on about conservatives. He says "these right wingers are against socialism but I never heard of any of them refusing to collect social security!" He omits the part about the forced contributions by said right wingers over their lifetime of work. The reality is that the guy is an atheist, has a progressive brain disorder and a very strange history with his wife. She blocked him from having the operation to fix his brain problem until he was too far gone to make a decision on his own, then she divorced him and kept everything... I guess there is justice.

    Another guy I had problems with hated me for mentioning Fox News. He nearly threw furniture. I got to know him better, he's a psychopath con artist, went back east and got $5000 to restart his dad's speaker company, stole money from his brother, didn't pay his rent when he had thousands in his pockets, etc... They are as irrational as Chris Matthews. They really are not playing with a full deck and never will be.
  4. Matthews is probably right, if he meant that Romney does not show respect for the President who was elected by the American people, but does otherwise towards Nut&Yahoo. So Romney does not respect the great people of America. The greatest office on the face of earth is the office of president of the mighty USA!
  5. Did the asshole you had lunch with climb into a truck with South Dakota plates?
  6. pspr


    Eight, you know some strange people.

    When I meet people even 1/10th that strange I move away from them quickly and avoid them like they have the plague (which, in a sense, they do).

    The liberals I know just got in the liberal rut early in life and now are stuck there unable to admit their mistake. Otherwise, they are perfectly sane. (ET liberals excepted, of course)

    I think what I read that someone said once is true:

    If you weren't a liberal when you were young you have no heart,
    If you didn't become a conservative when you got older you have no brain.

    Or something like that.
  7. Matthews favorite phrase is the right wants people to view Obama as the other, something other. Other of course meaning un-American. Well, I'll tell ya' what Mr. Matthews, when Obama and Klan start deciding to interigate people for making movies that happen to piss off the Muslim horde, when they twist themsleves up into knots trying to find a way to rationalize the violence of the Islamist mob, that adds fuel to the suspicion he might just be "other".
    Now we have people like myself who have laughed at the brithers, well now I take pause. Maybe those crazy bastards are onto something. Do I think Obama was born in Keyna? No! Do I think he's a closet Muslim? No! But it's becoming very obvious he is a radical left socialist hell bent on marginalizing our constitution. Frankly I could stomach a Muslim from Kenya if he was an American at heart. A radical left socialist...that won't stand with me. Won't stand at all.
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    Since when did "Chris Matthews' " opinion matter? His only validation is what you give him, it's obvious that he's given up being an objective journalist for becoming a DNC shill, sold out to keep his job as his reporting skills are basically nada.
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    I agree. I don't care where the guy was born. When I saw the movie 2016, I'll note the film maker pointed out ocommunist was born in Hawaii, and i believe that. He made no bones about that. What has me wrapped around the flag pole is the fact that this guy wants to decimate the Country we once knew. He's carrying forward his Father's leftist shit, and trash bags like Chris Matthews encourage the destruction of America.:mad:
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    No doubt! The sound of the guy's voice makes me Ill. He's a horrible journalist.
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