Chris Matthews continues to prove he is delusional.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    At the one minute mark, he once again says that he is a centrist commentator.

    Then starting at the 6:00 mark, Mary Katherine Ham takes him to task on his coverage of OWS vs the Tea Party. Pretty interesting exchange.

    Its amazing watching how quickly Chris Matthews gets quiet, when confronted about the nonsense he so boisterously portrays on his show.

    WTF is it with far left wingers, where they are completely unwilling to admit that they are infact left wingers? I dont understand why so many of them try to claim they are centrists and non partisan. Does Chris Matthews think he is fooling anyone? In the last 20 seconds he puts the icing on the cake where he says he has never seen any pictures of bush with hitler moustaches, then when he gets laughed at, his response is "well you guys have a pointed view, I try to look at things objectively"

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  2. Have to say it. What about Fox? 'Fair and balanced?' I think most people understand that Chris is left, 90% of Fox is right. I repeat my desire to go back to when we had real news shows. CNN is ok, but not perfect either.

    edit: Much like the mass migration of republicans into a class they prefer to be called, Independents. A result of the Bush wars I think. I really wish we had more true Independents.

  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    No argument from me, but i highly doubt that you will ever hear Hannity say that he is a centrist, which is the right wing equivalent to Chris Matthews. I have seen Matthews pull this stunt to many tmies to count where he claims to be a centrist, and its a total joke.

  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    This isnt quite the same thing though, for example, I hate 95% of republicans, but i got no problem with admitting that I am far right when it comes to the government. I would have no problem with Matthews saying he doesnt like democrats, cause it is still possible to be far left and not like democrats.

    Infact if you actually are on the far left, or the far right, you should despise both republicans and democrats, as realistically they are all simply taking us down the exact same path.

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  6. pspr


    At least Fox makes an attempt to show both sides. That is why they are the number 1 cable news channel for the last 10 years.
  7. jem


    The other reason is that 99% of the left does not watch shows about politics... but the left tries to pretend the right is ignorant.
  8. Max: OK, I can see you reasoning there.

    Pspr: Yeah, ok, maybe. I listen to Fox a lot. I actually enjoy O'Reilly quite often. Still the numbers have to be in the 90$+ range for Murdoch's positions. IMO.

  9. Oh, come on. I think both sides are involved, and both sides have similar viewing statistics. Remember, according to many on the right, the MSM is all left, and only Fox the redeemer is on the right side. There are many MSM political shows, of course, not just MSNBC.

    Not a bad, far reaching interview IMO. A lot of good stuff about JFK and Mathew's book.

  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Here is Matthews again getting schooled from last night, because he is complaining that Romneys campaign is to negative. Lets see how much complaining matthews does when the primaries are over and Obama spends a billion dollars on negative ads. He also goes on the say the Washington Post is a conservative newspaper.. AND at the very end he says:

    "The New York Times is a liberal paper and its almost always right"

    Is that something you hear from a centrist?

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