Chris Mathews gets his ass kicked

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Nov 18, 2011.

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    What's funny is, Larry does the exact same thing to Chris that Chris does to his guests on his show but Chris doesn't seem to appreciate it. Funny how that works.
  3. Max E.

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    Leading questions, putting his words in matthews mouth, railroading him, cutting him off....That is exactly how it works when Matthews interviews someone on the right on his show. The most absurd part of the interview is that Chris Matthews considers himself "at the 40 yard line"(barely left of center) for his political leanings...... soooooo funny

    Thx for that, made my day, every time i watch Matthews show i just want to see a right winger with a backbone tell him off. Even though it wasnt on his show my wish was finally granted. :D

  4. Maverick74 please tell me you don't listen to that rude guy, that it was just some clip you saw on the web. Life is too short for people that rude and inconsiderate. The Elder interviewer (???) was the rudest thing I've ever heard outside of drunks in a bar right before they got bounced out of the bar. How old is Elder, he comes across as a spoiled rude punk kid.
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    Chris Matthews is not too smart. But then he is a liberal. He must of had a thrill running up his leg near the end of that interview. :D
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Watch 1 segment of the chris matthews show, and you will realise it can get far worse.

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    Bigarrow, that is EXACTLY how Chris Mathews treats every one of his right wing guests on his show each and every night. You obviously don't watch Hardball.
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    Your extreme bias is showing.
  9. I looked on youtube and found Mathews interviewing Ann Coulter.
    He was polite, he let her speak, she did most of the talking and he treated her with respect. Is this an aberration or y'all too biased against anyone who disagrees with you.

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    Larry Elder is too cool, I used to listen to his radio show...

    I challenged him to issue a challenge to the ACLU every year around tax time: They should fight the IRS on privacy issues because the IRS makes us tell them all sorts of things that are nobody's business like how much we make, what do we spend it on, etc... Elder never did it that I know of. I would have loved that but nooooo.. Elder don't mess with the IRS..
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