Chris Hayes of MSNBC has solved the poverty problem.

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    Max E.

    What a great idea!

    Chris Hayes' 'Easy' Solution To Poverty: Give People Money!

    Chris Hayes is what passes at MSNBC for a progressive intellectual.

    Which makes his simple-minded and manifestly mistaken proposal that much more maddening. Making a peek-a-boo video-clip appearance on today's Melissa Harris-Perry's show, which focused on finding solutions to poverty in America, Hayes was seen holding up a hand-written sign with his solution, reading "Giving people money: It's actually that easy." View the video after the jump.

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    Perhaps Hayes hadn't tuned in to hear Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute make the point that the U.S. already has 126 federal anti-poverty programs that spend $688 billion every year, with state and local programs spending another $280 billion. Almost a trillion given to poor people each year--with no significant impact on reducing poverty!

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    I stopped reading right there. :)
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    It's obviously not enough. Maybe liberals would like to bump that up to $5 trillion a year or maybe $10. Surely there is some point that everyone will be equal. Right? (Idiots!)