Chris Dodd Cut Aviation Security Funding

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  1. Sen. Dodd Slashed Airport Security Funding

    by Tom McGregor, 12/29/09


    Due to a failed airline terrorist attack on Christmas Day, the world's attention has focused on airline security measures. It should be noted that a powerful U.S. Democratic senator hailing from Connecticutt took some federal funds away from aviation security to line the pockets of a constituency that supported his presidential campaign in a substantial way.
    The Washington Examiner reports that, "back in July, Senator Chris Dodd, D.-Conn., proposed an amendment reducing aviation security appropriations by $4.5 million in favor of firefighter grants - a notoriously ineffective program. In fact, the moner was significantly for 'screening operations and the amount for explosive detection systems." The amendment was also sponsored by Sen. Lieberman, D.-Conn., and Sen. Carper, D.-Del., but Dodd deserves to be singled out here because the firefighters' union is a pet constituency of his. In 2007, he campaigned all through Iowa with the firefighters' union. It was one of the few distinguishable features of Dodd's ill-fated presidential bid.

    The text of the amendment reads as followed:

    (Purpose: To provide additional funds for FIRE grants under section 33 of the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act 0f 1974)

    On page 77, between lines 16 and 17, insert the following:

    Sec. X (a) The amount appropriated under the heading "firefighter assistance grants" under the heading "Federal Emergency Management Agency" under by title III for necessary expenses for programs authorized by the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974 is increased by $10,000,000 for necessary expenses to carry out the programs authorized under section 33 of that Act (15 U.S.C. 2229).

    (b) The total amount of appropriations under the heading "Aviation Security" under the heading "Transportation Security Administration" under title II, the amount for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems under the first proviso under that heading, and the amount for the purchase and installation of explosives detection systems under the second proviso under that heading are reduced by $4,500,000.

    (c) From the obligated balances of amounts appropriated before the date of enactment of this Act for the appropriations account under the heading "state and local programs" under the heading "Federal Emergency Management Agency" for "Trucking Industry Security Grants," $5,500,000 are rescinded.

    To read the entire article from the Washington Examiner, link here:
  2. dsq


    In the last 10yrs weve spent about 3 trillion dollars,lost double the lives than 911 itself,2 wars.What have we gained?More security?We have not found wmd or osama and we cant even prevent mickey mouse clowns from getting on planes even though they are on govt watch lists.
    Im sure all this sends out a strong message to the rest of the world-and not a good one.
    I love the people who say we must bring the war to the terrorists or they will bring the fight/war to us.We cant even stop losers from boarding planes with bombs so wtf is the point of the war in the first place again?
  3. Very true DSQ.

    That having been said, I think that the DoD has made great strides in investing in what is called C-cubed ISR.


    One of these days, we might actually get all of our "agencies" on the SAME page in regards to sharing ALL of the above on a fully integrated platform.

    If we can "hand-out" another $3.8 BILLION to GMAC, we can at least fund the purchase of millimeter wave body-scanners from TSA certified vendors, L-3 Communications (LLL) and OSI Systems (OSIS).

    As it is now, we ONLY have 40 Millimeter Wave body-scanners installed at 19 airports in the US. There are 560 airports in this country!

    Wake up people!
  4. One of these days, we might actually get all of our "agencies" on the SAME page in regards to sharing ALL of the above on a fully integrated platform.

    I'd be willing to bet this could be done very easily (Germany ww2 did it) but do we want it? Actually I prefer the inefficiency of our current gov't. We do not need more and better technology to thwart terrorists, we need to use our brains.

    We simply could value American citizens first.