Chris Dodd & Bill Richardson: Health Care for Illegal Aliens

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    no way in hell I'd vote for them

    and they were the only 2 that got asked it

    I wouldnt have been surprised if all of them would have agreed

  2. Health care for illegals is completely insane and makes no sense. Most of them wouldn't pay their medical bills. Health insurance premiums would skyrocket; it's already very expensive. More companies would put more of the cost burden on their employees or just not offer it at all and more individuals would go without it and take their chances, both leading to big problems in the country.
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    well, we've never had national health care for our poorest citizens, now they think we owe it to people who are illegally

    i think we should give $100 to everyone caught speeding

    that'll teach'em
  4. Illegals are already getting free health care. Go to any emergency room and look around. Do you think people using fake ID's are actually paying?

    The problem with the democrat's proposal is that it will be yet another inducement for even more illegals to come here. Of course, that is exactly what the democrats want. More poor, uneducated people who will be dependent on government and whowill vote for higher taxes on the "rich."
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    i vote for higher taxes on the rich

    in mexico

    mexico's carlos slim is the richest guy in the world

    mexico's poor are his responsibility

    not mine
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    Which leading presidential candidates have the most sensible plan with regards to dealing with illegal immigration?
    I may have missed it, but have not really heard any candidate except for Tom Tancredo put forward a sensible plan to fix this problem to the benefit of the American people.
    Have we become so spineless that our candidates feel they have to go out of their way to please these law-breakers lest they become labeled as "racists"?
  7. I agree, and this is a big problem, because emergency rooms an incredibly inefficient way to provide medical care.

    One of the big advantages of national health care systems is that they can emphasize preventative and maintenance care (which is cheap) over acute care (which is expensive). It's quite possible that providing free, basic public health coverage to illegal immigrants would be cheaper in the long run than providing them free acute care as we do today.

    I'm not saying free health care for illegal immigrants, or single payer health care for that matter, are necessarily good solutions. This is a hard problem and any approach has moral hazards and creates incentives for wasteful behavior. I'm just suggesting keeping an open mind to any solution that would move us away from providing basic care in the emergency room, which is astonishingly wasteful.

    Sadly our president is blissfully unaware of this problem. "People have access to health care in America. After all, just go to an emergency room." George W. Bush, 7/10/2007. This approach to "universal health care" is directly responsible for us having the least cost effective health care system in the developed world.

  8. You are assuming they want to deal with it or end it. All the democrats and some of the republicans want it to continue or to have what are in effect open borders.

    I agree that Tom Tancredo has done a great job on this issue. He deserves to be a first tier candidate.
  9. Make an agreement with Mexico to bill Mexico for all treatment and then withhold it from the Social Security the US will be paying or attach Mexican gov't assets in the US.
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    tancredo actually has the simplest solution


    'all we are saaaying, is give enforcement a chance'
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